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A little history...

The birth

After having been instructors for other clubs, Françoise and Cédric decided one morning in April to deploy their own fins ... It is near the famous boat house (on the left, entering the bay), home and office of the doctor of the island, which they settled.


Very quickly, Claire then Pétian, animated and imbued with the same spirit and the same perfect knowledge of the sites, joined them. They were followed, at first, by Tom, Yannick, jean-Charles, Julien, then Cyril, Jonathan and Tanguy. Cédric, Françoise, Eric, Clément, Constance, Arnaud and Amélie now form the entire Pisquettes team.

The age of Reason

With thirteen years of experience and more than six thousand dives, pledge of a serious passport to discovery, Pisquettes instructors, seasoned teachers, knowledgeable pedagogues, know how to build confidence to better share their passion for the sea, including they know the smallest secrets.

They take novice and experienced divers to discover the richness of the Saintois underwater world, in complete safety, on a very wide variety of sites, chosen according to level, weather conditions and even currents.

Pisquettes is a team, united for a long time by a deep friendship but also by shared values.

The attention paid to each one, the experience, the rigor and the good humor will forge lasting memories in the crystal-clear waters of Les Saintes.

Pétian     Claire    Yannic    Cédric   Françoise 

Pisquettes c'est le nom d'un petit poisson mais aussi le surnom qui a été donné à Cédric par les Saintois, en raison de sa stature et surtout pour son aisance subaquatique. C'est alors tout naturellement qu'ils ont décidé de baptiser le centre de plongée : Pisquettes. 

Pourquoi avoir donné le nom Pisquettes à notre centre de plongée ? 

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