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Accompanying persons

Terre-de-Haut offers many activities for people accompanying divers.

Discover Les Saintes by electric bike. "We tried and we were won over. First of all, the acceleration is absolutely amazing. Once started, the effort is minimal, and the sensation of sliding in the air with only the noise of the tires on the ground, is euphoric We went up to Fort Napoleon and Pain de Sucre without any problem.

SunSea Balado à Fond de Curé next to the O Bleu hotel

06 90 82 62 72

In the morning, you can opt for a visit to Fort Napoléon, a pretty little historical museum that contains a few models of boats retracing the famous battle of Saintes. Its exotic garden, containing magnificent cacti and some orchids endemic to Saintes, is located at an altitude of 114 m. The view is magnificent. You will have a good overview of Les Saintes by going around the outer ramparts. The museum closes at 12 noon and it takes around 20 minutes to walk from the landing stage.

Nothing prevents you from doing a little kayaking and discovering the Saintes seen from the Bay. It is a good means of transport to get to Pain de Sucre or Ilet Cabrit and discover the funds with fins, mask and snorkel. In calm seas, it is also possible to paddle, pedal boat and foil in the bay of Saintes.

SunSea Balado 06 90 82 62 72

If you prefer walking, there are many tracks that will offer you magnificent views. Morne du Chameau, highest point at 309m, with a breathtaking panoramic view. You can then go back down to Crawen beach. the trail leading to Pointe Morel and Pointe Zozio and to the vestige of Fort Caroline, begins at Marigot beach. Behind Fort Napoléon, you can continue and walk to Pointe à l'eau.

What better way to relax than a Douceur Du Monde massage and plantar reflexology performed by TIPHAINE facing the Baie des Saintes. For an appointment 06 90 84 51 33

You have a great choice of beaches. Pompierre is the most touristic with its coconut grove and its bay protected by the Roches Percées. Grande Anse, wild and agitated with a lot of current. Swimming is prohibited there. Just after Grande Anse, the small beach of Rodrigue, very deep between two cliffs. Pelicans come crashing into the surface to catch pegs. The Pain de Sucre beach is very narrow but with crystal clear water and very fishy around the Pain de Sucre. Crawen beach is the wildest with a view of Grand Ilet, Les Augustins and La Coche. Finally, next to the diving club, the beach of Anse Mire, shaded very pleasant for swimming and close to the landing stage for the return.



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