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1st immersion, alone with an instructor, in the maximum 6 m zone for 20 to 30 minutes.

The baptism is also intended for children from 7/8 years in the zone of 3 m maximum, alone with an instructor.

Exploration with supervisor

Beginners, having already made a baptism, will dive with a supervisor still in the 6 m zone but for 40 minutes.

Level 1 or PE20 divers will evolve in the 20 m maximum zone for 45 to 60 minutes in a group of 4 divers maximum and with a supervisor.

PE40 and N2 divers will have access to the most beautiful diving in the Caribbean " the Sec Pâté ". This site is located in the middle of the Saintes canal. Diving conditions can be difficult due to the swells and current. This dry rock is made up of 3 peaks, the highest at - 14 meters, the last at - 38 meters. They ascend from a depth of 150 meters.

Autonomous exploration

Level 2 or PA 20 divers will be able to discover the majority of our dive sites independently if they wish. Some sites are also accessible to PA12 . On the other hand, the Sec Paté is accessible at level 3 and PA40 minimum. Parachutes and computers are available free of charge to our scuba divers.

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